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In-Dash Mounting Kit
Model: FTN6083
Mount your radio with this in-dash mounting kit to help you keep your eyes on the road,...
Mobile Option Board Interface Kit
Model: HLN7001
This product is an Option Board Interface Kit. ...
Accessory Connector Hardware Kit
Model: HLN9457
This product is a Hardware Kit for use with the Expanded Accessory Connector ...
Completely Discreet Wireless Surveillance Kit
Model: NNTN8434
This unique Bluetooth solution is ideal for the most covert situations where moving fre...
Hardware Kit for Rear Accessory Connector
Model: PMLN5072
This product is a Hardware Kit for Rear Acessory Connectors. ...
Rapid-Rate Charger Kit
Model: PMLN5193
This rapid-rate charger kit comes with a switchmode power supply and includes EPNN9288 ...
Mobile Remote Mount Adapter Kit
Model: PMLN5404
Remote mounting capabilities allow you to save cabin space or hide the mobile power sup...
Single-Wire Surveillance Kit w/ Inline Microphone
Model: PMLN7052
This mission critical and operations critical wireless surveillance kit allows users to...
Replacement Foam Earpad and Windscreen Kit
Model: REX4648A
Replacement foam earpad and windscreen kit for PMLN6538, BDN6773, HMN9013 and RMN4016 l...
Completely Discrete Earpiece Kit
Model: RLN4922
This miniature receiver fits inside your ear and lets you communicate in full privacy, ...
Low Noise Kit
Model: RLN5886
This low noise kit provides extra comfort for users wearing surveillance accessories. L...
High Noise Kit
Model: RLN5887
This high noise kit provides extra comfort and hearing protection for users wearing sur...
In-Dash Mounting Kit
Model: RLN5933
Ideal if you prefer to mount the radio directly into the dashboard for a better appeara...
Low-Profile Trunnion Kit
Model: RLN6077
This is a mounting bracket that keeps a radio tucked up under the dashboard and can als...
High-Profile Trunnion Kit
Model: RLN6078
This is a mounting bracket for under the dashboard with extra clearance so the radio ca...
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