About Clear Communications

Clear Communications , Inc. started with 2 employees in 1988. Now Clear Communications has 25 employees serving Central Virginia with 3 locations in Charlottesville, Staunton and Harrisonburg. In 1993, Clear Communications became the preferred sub-contractor for Motorola. Clear Communications then became an MSS for Motorola in 2002. One year later, Clear Communications became a Motorola Authorized Dealer. In 2008, Clear Communications became a Premier Service Partner with Motorola.  Most recently (2009), Clear Communications was certified as a Tuning Fork Laboratory by the State of Virginia DCLS. This service provides law enforcement with radar tuning fork certifications for court.  

Clear Communications has been recognized with distinctions such as MOTOSTAR and the Pinnacle Club award. These awards are given to the dealers that not only excel in business, but show that they have the technical training and material resources to properly support any of their customers needs.


Most of our Technicians carry the CET Certification from the ETA. What this means to out customers is that our guys know what they are doing. In addition to having this Industry Standard Certification, our technicians are further trained by Motorola on the equipment relevant to their specific job.

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