MESH Wide Area Networks
Trust Zebra Technology's Mesh Networks to enable all your mobile data, voice, video and critical application needs.

Enable applications that generate revenue and create effective cost savings with Zebra Technologies robust mesh wide area network (MWAN) solutions. Mesh networking is perfect for wide-area broadband access networks intended for public safety or private use. Learn how mesh networking can enhance all of your critical applications.
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AP7161 Outdoor Mesh Access Point
Model: AP7161
Perfect for extending network coverage to outside areas, the AP 7161 brings the latest ...
AP7181 Mesh Wide Area Network
Model: AP7181
The AP 7181 is a high-performance, multi-radio 802.11n access point featuring superb ne...
EWR6300 MotoMesh Solo
Model: EWR6300
The Enhanced Wireless Router (EWR) for MOTOMESHâ„¢ Solo is deployed to provide wireless c...
IAP4300 Intelligent Access Point
Model: IAP4300
The intelligent access point acts as a bridge between the wired world and the wireless ...
IAP6300 Intelligent Access Point
Model: IAP6300
In a Mesh 6300 network, the Intelligent Access Point (IAP) is a small, low-cost device ...
IAP7300 Intelligent Access Point
Model: IAP7300
The Intelligent Access Point (IAP) provides the wireless gateway between a MOTOMESHTM&n...
Mesh Wireless Video Camera POD
Motorola's Mesh Camera POD is an instantly deployable, mesh enabled, wireless video sol...
Mesh Wireless Video Camera
Model: Mesh Wireless Video Camera
Motorola's mesh and Wi-Fi enabled wireless security camera video system is a robust, lo...
MWR6300 Mesh Wireless Router
Model: MWR6300
The Wireless Router is a small, low-cost, wireless device that is primarily deployed to...
MWR7300 Mesh Wireless Router
Model: MWR7300
The MWR7300 extends coverage and connectivity in a Mesh network by meshing access point...
PWR6300 MotoMesh Solo
Model: PWR6300
The Portable Wireless Router (PWR) is deployed to provide wireless network access to on...
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